Carbon Offsets: Erase Your Footprint and Go Climate Neutral

Neutralize your personal carbon emissions with an effortless monthly subscription.

71% of Americans Trust Climate Scientists, Less than Half Willing to Take Action

- Yale Program on Climate Change Communication

Think you can't make a difference in reversing the climate crisis?

With 8 Billion Trees Carbon Offsets now you can.

How it works:

  1. Your carbon footprint is calculated using geographical data provided by the World Bank
  2. Fund projects that neutralize your carbon emissions, heal the planet where it has been destroyed, and save endangered wildlife
  3. Receive updates on the positive impact you're making for the environment and wildlife
 Erase Your Carbon

Our Offset Projects Partner with the Best in the Industry

24 Tons: The 'Everyday American' Carbon Footprint

Reduce, reuse, recycle is no longer enough. We need to remove carbon dioxide emissions from the environment.

Forests are one of the most proven and scalable methods of removing carbon dioxide from the environment.

Even better: they are cost-effective! By subscribing now and becoming a monthly member of 8 Billion Trees, you can join the pledge to reach net-zero emissions.

Never before has it been so quick and easy to join the fight in the climate crisis.

8 Billion Trees was founded with 1 Mission: Carbon Offsets that Heal the Planet and Save Wildlife

We are a company of biologists, environmental engineers, and tree planters on a mission to reverse the climate change crisis by restoring destroyed areas of the planet.

Harnessing the power of large-scale tree planting operations in the Amazon Rainforest, we have offset the carbon emissions of thousands of members around the world.


Tons of CO2 offset by 8 Billion Trees Members

We all have a responsibility to our carbon emissions.

Do Your Part to End the Climate Crisis.

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The Project

8 Billion Trees offers carbon offset subscriptions from large-scale tree planting operations in the Amazon Rainforest.