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Climate-Loving Couple: Carbon Offset


Climate-Loving Couple: Carbon Offset

Sometimes it’s so hard to find the perfect gift for your ‘better’ half… or that earth-conscious couple who does so much for the environment.

Well, look no further, our couples carbon offset package is perfectly paired to un-do the double footprint you create during your daily routine… plus some! Each package features our ‘carbon positive’ bonus, which means that for every tree you plant to offset your couple carbon footprint, an additional 10 trees are conserved!

By planting 283 trees, this package offsets the lifestyle of a couple with two vehicles, their household emissions (showers, laundry, appliance use and heating/cooling), Netflix viewing, and four hours of daily smart phone use… as well as a balanced diet for a full year. That’s a total of 26.2 US TONS of carbon!

But even better, it includes coverage for two round-trip flights (up to 17,883 miles!) and hotel accommodations (30 nights), so you can rest easy knowing that your blissful union is also blessing the environment.