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Fashion Forward Hero: Carbon Offset


Fashion Forward Hero: Carbon Offset

Jet setting fashion retailers bring us the styles we adore… but also have a huge impact on the planet’s resources.

Of the carbon producing industries in the world, fashion takes the number three place behind fossil fuels, and clothing retailers are frankly way behind in their efforts to establish sustainable buying and manufacturing processes.

But, you don’t have to let your innate love of all things fashion and savvy style cause the environment pain.

Our Fashion Forward Hero package is designed to offset the carbon emissions of a fashion retailer for one day, eliminating a whopping 95.6 US TONS of carbon!

By planting 1,032 trees, you erase the carbon output of a fashion retailer for a day.

And the added benefits of our carbon positive plan means that your purchase also ensures that another 10,320 trees are conserved, protecting natural habitats and helping restore the planet for decades to come.