8 Billion Trees

Round Bunny Plush

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small round bunny plush toy, placed on green moss with some sticks in front of it.
small round bunny plush toy, placed on green moss with some sticks in front of it. round bunny plush toy, facing left showing the side profile. round bunny plush toy, facing right showing the side profile. round bunny plush toy shown from a rearward angled perspective. close up of a round bunny plush toy from a rearward angle perspective, featuring the 8 Billion Trees charm logo tag, placed on a patch of green moss.

Meet one of the newest additions to the 8 Billion Trees eco-awareness product line.

We’re offering this round bunny plush at a reduced price to spread awareness on the massive deforestation crisis happening right now.

Did you know rabbits and hares are among the most endangered mammals on earth? Out of 63 wild species, 22 are considered near threatened or endangered.

The survival of these small animals is threatened from loss of their natural habitats due to fires, made worse by climate change, disease, and destruction caused by the encroachment of humans and their homes are under attack.

Rabbits are important to help balance the ecosystem as they keep plant life in check and they’re a source of food for larger carnivorous predators.

Purchasing this Round Bunny Plush will bring more awareness to the issue and you’ll directly contribute to the restoration of the rabbit’s natural habitat.

Every day, thousands of acres of trees are destroyed around the world.

And when these trees are destroyed, animals like these rabbits lose their homes and sometimes even get hurt or killed by deforesters.

Sadly, humans have erased 60% of animal life since 1970. Put another way, humans make up just 0.01% of all life on Earth but have eliminated 6 out of every 10 animals.

A big reason is the destruction of trees. This is because forests are home to 80% of the world's biodiversity.

80% of every living animal, plant, and organism directly depends on trees. When the trees are cut down and disappear, so does everything else.

Help spread awareness on the crisis that is destroying our climate and animals by getting your Round Bunny Plush doll today!