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Christmas Tree: Carbon Offset


Christmas Tree: Carbon Offset
Christmas Tree: Carbon Offset Christmas Tree: Carbon Offset

Don't feel guilty about celebrating the holidays with a Christmas tree.

It’s a tradition that’s brought joy to families around the world for countless years!

But did you know the global carbon footprint during the holiday season is 6% higher than the rest of the year? 

Or that the electricity for lighting a Christmas tree for just 30 days, produces 343,560 pounds of co2 equivalent emissions...

That's more than 14 school buses.

And the same amount as driving back and forth across the Continental United States 127 times!

But don't let these numbers get you down.

Now you can take meaningful steps towards a greener holiday by offsetting the footprint of your holiday festivities. 

This Christmas Tree Carbon Offset will completely erase the emissions that come with the lifecycle of your Christmas tree, including its production, transportation, and upkeep.

Plus this holiday season we’re taking things a step further than carbon neutrality by planting 5 extra trees for every Christmas Tree Carbon Offset purchased! 

Make this season memorable for all the right reasons – a celebration that leaves no trace but joyful memories and a greener Earth.