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Long Showers: Carbon Offset


Long Showers: Carbon Offset

Enjoy spending a long time in the shower or relaxing in the tub? Let's be honest...who doesn't?

Unfortunately for our planet, however, taking long showers can leave quite the big carbon impact over time...to the tune of 714 pounds of nasty carbon emitted each year.

This offset uses available data showing the average person who enjoys long showers or baths with reheated water spends an extra 2,555 minutes enjoying their amazing self-deserved "spa time" each year.

But just because you deserve your spa time doesn't mean you have to feel guilty about it!

With this special carbon offset we'll plant 4 trees for you to completely erase this extra footprint.

But you know what's better than carbon neutral spa time? You guessed it...carbon positive spa time!

So we're not just going to plant 4 trees for you (which you should know is already super awesome of you), we're going to conserve 40 existing trees for you as well so they can continue to do their part in the global climate crisis through sequestering carbon.

P.S. did you know trees are largely considered the best carbon sequestration "machines" on the planet? It's why we love them so, so much. And why we love people who love them too!