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One Month: Carbon Offset


One Month: Carbon Offset

Did you know we have a carbon offset membership that let's you do your part in the climate crisis every single month by erase the negative footprint you create? (we all have this negative impact due to our modern lives.

But if you are looking to offset your carbon footprint for just 1 month instead of taking advantage of all the benefits of joining to become an 8 Billion Trees member, this special carbon offset package is just for you!

Even when we do our part to live eco-friendly and environmentally conscious lifestyles, it's just a known fact that we still create a negative carbon footprint.

On average, every person creates a 24 ton footprint every single year. That's 2 tons of nasty carbon every month.

From modern luxuries like automobiles, planes, and technology that make our lives easier including things we don't even consider like sending texts, browsing the internet or social media, and access to processed food and clean water--everything we do has a carbon footprint.

When you purchase this one-month carbon offset, we will plant 22 trees to completely erase 2 tons of your carbon footprint (which is equal one month of the average person's carbon waste).

 Helping the planet isn't just about making sure we leave no impact...it's about making sure we leave a positive impact instead.