8 Billion Trees

Planet Over Profit Shirt

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Planet Over Profit Save the Planet Shirt on a wooden hanger on a rack with a brown hat and blue jean jacket

Choose planet over profit and help plant trees while saving animals homes with this special shirt.

We spent months testing the best eco and organic fabrics we could find. In the end, we used a special blend to create what we believe is the softest shirt on the planet.

And even better...it helps heal the planet! Every shirt plants 2 new animal tree homes.

We crafted this shirt to help spread awareness on the climate and deforestation crisis that is destroying our planet and erasing trees by the millions in the Amazon Rainforest.

Every day thousands of acres are destroyed in the Amazon. Our team is planting thousands of trees every month, protecting the forests we already have, and saving animal homes to reverse the damage being done on a massive scale. 

When trees are cut down or burned illegally, animal wildlife lose their homes and sometimes even get hurt or killed by deforesters. 

Sadly, humans have erased 60% of animal life since 1970. Put another way, humans make up just 0.01% of all life on Earth but have eliminated 6 out of every 10 animals.

A big reason is the destruction of trees. This is because forests are home to 80% of the world's biodiversity.

80% of every living animal, plant, and organism directly depends on trees. When the trees are cut down and disappear, so does everything else.

Help spread awareness on the crisis that is destroying our climate and animals by getting your shirt and wearing it proudly!