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Organic Bamboo Washcloths

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Organic Bamboo Washcloths
Organic Bamboo Washcloths Set of three organic bamboo washcloths, colored green, with close up of fine and delicate texture. Organic Bamboo washcloth, green with 8 Billion Trees logo tag. Organic Bamboo Washcloths Organic Bamboo Washcloths Organic Bamboo Washcloths

Luxurious softness with sustainable strength!

8 Billion Trees’ Organic Bamboo Washcloths will amaze you because they are both supple and sturdy.

Made from 100% Bamboo fibers, these eco conscious face cloths come in packs of three cloths, featuring a lovely green color, and are made without chemically altered dyes or synthetic fabrics, making them ideal for facial cleansing.

  • Deep-clean & tighten pores, while gently refining skin tone
  • Remove excess oils without over-drying
  • Exfoliate dead skin, while removing soap and cosmetic residues
  • Reduce acne-causing bacteria

Hypoallergenic bamboo washcloths are strong enough to work as a dish cloth, yet gentle enough to use on the most delicate skin. It’s the softest baby washcloth, perfect for newborns!

Organic bamboo washcloths make a great gift and help save the environment by reducing carbon emissions. Since Bamboo is a plentiful resource, these sustainable cloths actually help save trees.

Plus, with every purchase, 8 Billion Trees’ will plant 4 new trees!

Purchase proceeds are also used to conserve areas that are in danger of deforestation and rehabilitate animals in our Amazon wildlife sanctuary.


      • Eco Conscious & Hypoallergenic
      • 100% Recycled & Post Consumer Materials
      • Carbon Neutral Product
      • Chemical Free