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Happy Little Trees Shirt


Happy Little Trees Shirt

The joy of artistic expression is combined with environmental activism in our latest limited edition Happy Little Trees shirt. 

Embracing a Legacy

Inspired by a phrase used by one of our favorite artists who turned his mistakes into trees in the landscapes of his paintings, this Happy Little Trees shirt captures the spirit of creativity and is a reminder of the beauty of the simplicity found in nature.

Fabric becomes canvas, creating a design that both looks good and speaks for the planet. 

Spreading Positivity While Caring For The Environment

Just like the artist brought joy and positivity through his paintings, this shirt does the same.

Being part of our Earth Day Shirts collection, the Happy Little Trees shirt goes beyond artistic charm and contributes to the environment as each of these shirts will plant 3 new trees in areas they’re needed most.

Please note: limited edition series; only 100 available.


Experience guilt-free shopping with 8 Billion Trees as we proudly maintain 100% carbon neutrality and offer the most eco-friendly products available. Our commitment extends far beyond mere words –  even the most eco-friendly products have a carbon footprint. We neutralize that footprint by planting and safeguarding trees for carbon sequestration. Taking it up a notch, we double our efforts to guarantee a net positive outcome. Be confident knowing that your support is NOT a silent endorsement of man-made climate change.

Saving the planet shouldn’t be hard. Get your own limited edition Happy Little Trees shirt now and make a positive impact in the environment, spread joy, and look great at the same time!