8 Billion Trees

Tree Hugging Planet Lover Shirt


Tree Hugging Planet Lover Shirt

Wear your heart on your sleeve and your values on your chest with our new limited Tree Hugging Planet Lover shirt.

The full design proudly declares your eco-values: tree hugging, flower sniffing, animal kissing, joy seeking, and being an all-around planet lover. Wear it with pride and let your passions shine.

Symbolizing Environmental Love

Wear your values on your sleeve—literally. Each word declares your love for the environment allowing you to inspire others without having to say a word.

This Tree Hugging Planet Lover shirt embodies a lifestyle that embraces the joy and beauty found in nature and your commitment to cherish and protect it.

More Than A Shirt

With this shirt, you’re actively participating in 8 Billion Trees reforestation initiatives and supporting worldwide environmental conservation projects. Similar to the other Earth Day Shirts in the collection, the Tree Hugging Planet Lover shirt helps plant 3 new trees in areas severely impacted by deforestation, helping to reverse the ecological harm and safeguarding habitats for countless animal species.

Please note: limited edition series; only 100 available.


What Sets Us Apart

Join us in making a positive environmental impact – we're 100% carbon neutral. Even the most eco-friendly products made have a carbon footprint.  The footprint of every product we carry is entirely offset through tree planting for carbon sequestration. Our commitment to go way above and beyond is what sets us apart, that’s why we’ve doubled our efforts to ensure that we’re only having a positive impact on the environment. Rest assured that your clothing doesn't have to contribute to the narrative of man-made climate change.

Whether you're out exploring nature, attending eco-events, or simply enjoying a day in the city, this limited edition Tree Hugging Planet Lover shirt is perfect to show off your commitment to protect and love our beautiful planet!