8 Billion Trees

8 Billion Trees Partners with Seekers Of Sunshine to Make a Huge Impact

8 Billion Trees is excited to announce that we have partnered with Seeker Of Sunshine to plant and conserve trees every month! Seeker Of Sunshine is based out of San Diego, CA and produces ethically sourced products all around the world. All their suits are made of biodegradable materials, have zero plastic waste, and use rain forest friendly inks.



"Since I was a little girl, I had a calling towards protecting and healing the earth. As I got older it was a lot to do with our everyday choices. The veil lifts and you realize how many try to violate and harm the natural world, and that sitting back watching tv,ignoring these plights was just as much a danger to the planet and its endless life forms. Action then became as critical to me as making everyday eco conscious choices.

I created an eco friendly bikini line as a platform to do something I love as well as have a bigger impact on global concerns. Not only are my bikinis biodegradable  I am a zero plastic waste company! Our packaging is all done in cotton, hemp and even rainforest friendly inks! For me that was just the beginning.

Partnering with 8 Billion Trees was a dream of mine! As a single mom I can't be on every forefront.It's amazing to be able to partner with fantastic organizations such as these as I can have more positive effects in the world then I can do alone! We are all more powerful together. It is important to support great causes and I won't stop there.. I plan to work with reef planting and some other organizations and will soon have a donation swim collection.

During this trying time I am designing biodegradable clothes for impoverished children around the globe. For each bikini sold i am donating 2 items of clothes, from shirts to shorts to pants, to children in need. I also design surfboards and 10 percent is donated to ocean causes. I wanted a platform to give back. I'm thankful eternally for organizations like 8 Billion Trees to allow me, and US, to have more positive impact globally. With today's knowledge and connections, we should all be using them for the greater good! Together, we are one".