8 Billion Trees

8 Billion Trees Partners with Tiny Isle

8 Billion Trees is excited to announce that we have partnered with Tiny Isle to plant and conserve trees every month! Tiny Isle is Hawaiian business that produces organic island goodies. They use high quality, healthy, simple, whole food ingredients which come from people who are working on small farms with the local community.

It's critically important to them that the farms and farmers who grow their ingredients work sustainably by using organic methods. Tiny Isle also values strong social relations, fair wages, social justice, sustainable practices and good chemistry between the soil and plants from the farmer and supply chain to the customers hands.

Tiny Isle provides delicious treats in which people can indulge themselves and feel good about what they are putting in their bodies, as well as the connections and relationships they are supporting with their purchase. They believe this is the best way to change the world: by supporting healthy, cooperative, sustainable, caring businesses and relationships around the world with your food dollars. So much can be changed by doing this!

"There is a relationship between the way we have been living our lives and the pollution, environmental degradation and deforestation going on all around us. It is well known that trees filter the air, provide oxygen, breathe in carbon dioxide, provide a wealth of foods, medicines, and other resources to us and provide habitat for countless types of wildlife. Trees also draw in, and help maintain, moisture levels in the atmosphere and in the ground. They can even influence weather patterns.

We know that deforestation is destroying habitats, fueling climate change, and increasing pollution. Deforestation contributes to famines, desertification and forces populations to move from areas that have become uninhabitable to seek a living elsewhere thereby creating refugees into other areas.

The expanding refugee situation can cause conflicts and destabilize societies. If we don’t start to do something NOW this world will be seeing more and more pandemics, more starvation, more refugees and more and more extreme weather events. Planting trees and saving forests is one way to deal with our deteriorating environmental situation.

8 Billion trees does exactly that and they help support villagers and save wildlife in the process. I am grateful for the work they are doing and happy to be able to support the process." - Tiny Isle