8 Billion Trees

Ethics and Conduct Policy

8 Billion Trees’ commitment to integrity is present in every action, and begins will ensuring that all operations and events are conducted in conformance with applicable laws, rules, and regulations wherever we do business, including the United States and countries around the globe.

As a social enterprise, all employees are instructed in the Ethics Policy, as well as job-specific rules, general codes of conduct, and procedures developed by 8 Billion Trees to maintain compliance with pertinent laws.  

These are designed to ensure that the company culture is based on trust, responsibility, and transparency.

Content Development/Proprietary Information

All writers develop original content, providing appropriate links and/or citations for any material reproduced on the website.

Fact-Checking procedures are followed before content is published.

It is important to respect the property rights of others, and therefore will not acquire competitor’s secrets, or engage in unauthorized usage, copying, distribution of intellectual property.

8 Billion Trees is also committed to conducting sustainable business practices, based on our mission statement, “If humans can destroy the planet, they can work to rebuild and save it too.”

Employees and leaders are responsible for speaking up if concerned about a violation, or if a violation is observed. The cost of non-compliance with current policies include disciplinary actions up to, and including termination.

A complete list of code of conduct and ethics practices regarding regulatory compliance, global operations, intellectual property, fair-employment practices, working with other governments, and privacy and security are contained in the Employee Handbook.