8 Billion Trees

Fact-Checking Policy

At 8 Billion Trees, accurate and precise information is our top priority. We strive to bring readers the most current and truthful news, headlines, and facts.

Content creators are compelled to verify all the information gathered, and editors and site owners work to check and re-check locations, statements, and other information published on the site for accuracy and intent.

Writers perform their own fact-checking, in accordance with 8 Billion Trees’ Ethics and Code of Conduct Policy (included in the Employee Handbook), but we also embrace offsite fact-checkers to ensure transparency in every activity.

Other than general knowledge-type information, content posted on the website is based or linked to sources and citations that conform to academic standards, including but not limited to, accredited news articles, scientific journal articles, publications, interview transcripts, statistical and government sources, and other peer-evaluated journal information.

We are committed to providing non-biased, informative information about the climate, and the impact each of us can have to sequester Co2 emissions.

If we are notified, or receive a claim regarding false information on the website, our correction process is detailed below:

The editorial staff may also be called to provide additional research, and/or alter writers’ work to achieve accuracy. Any article or content post that does not meet standards by one or more editors is subjected to further review before publication.