8 Billion Trees

Partnering with Amazon Watch to Conserve Rainforests

8 Billion Trees is proud to be partnered with Amazon Watch who works directly in the Amazon Rainforest. So far, together we have worked to conserve over 166,000 acres throughout the Amazon Rainforest that is home to high levels of biodiversity where countless species of plants and animals depend on trees for their survival.

In addition to providing habitat to many different species, Amazonian rainforests serve as an amazing "carbon sink"--absorbing countless tonnes of pollution and carbon dioxide from the air.

By conserving rainforests in the Amazon we can enact a two-pronged approach to deforestation:

While it is important to reforest areas that have been subject to reckless deforestation, it is also important to preserve the forests we do have. And that's precisely why 8 Billion Trees is so excited to begin partnering with Amazon Watch.