8 Billion Trees

Partnering with the Pole Pole Foundation to Revitalize the D.R. Congo

8 Billion Trees is proud to support and fund the Pole Pole Foundation! As of December 2018, we have begun the planting of trees in the D.R. Congo that will fight against deforestation and serve as a buffer zone to protect endangered gorillas surrounding the Kahuzi-Biega National Park.

An area affected by conflict and bloodshed, the Democratic Republic of Congo is facing reckless deforestation and habitat loss. As more forested areas are cut down irresponsibly, further negative climate change and the eventual extinction of gorilla species is inevitable.

That's were the Pole Pole Foundation comes in.

Pole Pole Foundation Nursery

Using funds provided by 8 Billion Trees, the Pole Pole Foundation will begin to plant trees in heavily deforested areas. By planting in these devastated areas, we will begin to restore life to mother Earth...

BUT we will also begin to restore vital habitats for species of gorillas that are currently being forced to flee their homes to find new shelter as more and more trees are cut down.

Trees truly are the superheroes of Earth: by planting in the DRC we will be able to revitalize not only the Earth, but precious species that live here.