8 Billion Trees

Planting Project: Honduras

Honduras is a country located in Central America known for its distinct topography that includes lush primary forests. Tragically, Honduras is also known for its severe deforestation and loses trees at a rate greater than any other country in the Caribbean.

Even worse, the rate of deforestation in Honduras has increased by 9% since the turn of the century.

While the government of Honduras is trying to fight against the widespread deforestation, illegal logging is a huge problem. An alarming statistic, as much of 85% of timber production is illegal.

The titanic level of deforestation becomes even more evident when natural disasters strike. In 1998 when Hurricane Mitch pummeled the country, it killed thousands and destroyed infrastructure. Following the storm, aerial analysis showed that areas with trees were much more spared. This is because trees serve as a natural barrier and solidify the soil on mountainsides, helping to prevent deadly mudslides.

Biodiversity loss is another serious issue. The removal of trees reduces forest cover which then causes severe soil erosion, making what little trees remain more isolated and fragmented.

Classified as a low middle-income country, over two thirds of all people living in Honduras are below the poverty line. In any area where there is extreme poverty, deforestation becomes even worse as locals turn to illegal forestry and the tree goods it produces just to survive.

Partnered with ForestNation for the planting project in Honduras, 8 Billion Trees is dedicated to making a powerful impact with trees that will begin restoring the local environment to combat harmful climate change and raise the quality of life of Hondurans.