8 Billion Trees

Planting Project: Mexico

The Monarch Butterfly is an iconic species that makes its habitat in the mixed Pine-Oyamel forests of Mexico. However, irresponsible and unsustainable logging now threatened not only the Monarch Butterfly but its entire habitat as well.

As reckless deforestation continues to take place, there are many negative consequences:

Furthermore, the Monarch Butterfly relies on Mexico’s mountain forests during winter. As more and more forest cover is removed, the butterflies are forced to migrate further and further away, disrupting bioclimates.

Partnered with Plant-It 2020, 8 Billion Trees is now working to restore the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve—a conservation area of over 100,000 acres.

By planting to combat deforestation, we can begin to restore habitats for the Monarch Butterfly and other endemic species.

And that’s what’s so important to realize when planting trees: while the climate effects are powerful, the effects on species can be even more profound. This is because trees literally provide a home for so many different species of plants and animals. That means as trees disappear, so do the plants and animals.

It’s just one of the many reasons 8 Billion Trees has dedicated its mission to planting trees all around the world.