8 Billion Trees

Planting Project: Nepal

Deforestation is a severe problem in Nepal, and it has been for some time. As trees continue to be removed from their natural habitat, less than 30% of forests now remain. Because of the titanic levels of habitat loss, many species are dying out.

Just how severe is the loss of trees?

25% of forest cover has disappeared.

Furthermore, Nepal is a biodiversity hotspot with 1,240 species of birds, amphibians, reptiles, and mammals. Of this large amount, close to 40 are endemic—they don’t exist anywhere else on the planet. Sadly, roughly 70 species are threatened and face extinction.

The red panda is just one of these threatened species and found very few places on the planet. Given the inordinately high levels of tree loss, species such as these are even more prone to permanent extinction.

On top of animal life, Nepal is home to almost 7,000 different species of plant life making the country extremely ecologically diverse.

Beyond the terrible environmental effects, deforestation is also having a powerfully negative impact on the poverty-stricken country. With over 80% of the population dependent on agriculture and forestry, the tree crisis is causing a country-wide economic crisis. Relying on trees for shelter, food, and income, many Nepal natives are forced to migrate or live on barren lands.

And without support and education on tree planting and environmental rights, these natives often further destroy the Earth by using up what little natural resources are left—simply in an attempt to survive. The end result is a negative cycle where the Earth continues to suffer as people live and die in stark poverty.

There are three distinct areas in Nepal we are focused on supporting tree planting:

By keeping these areas at the forefront of our planting efforts, we can begin to restore Nepal: one of the poorest countries on the planet diseased with the curse of rampant deforestation. In doing so, we can begin to fight against climate change all while providing local farmers and growers with a new way of life that includes fresh fruit, shelter, and enough income to pay for medicine and education instead of famine and despair.

8 Billion Trees currently partners with Eden Reforestation Projects to further our Nepal planting project.