8 Billion Trees

Planting Project: Uganda

Uganda has already lost 66% of its forests in just the past 20 years. By 2050, the National Environment Management Authority predicts that they will be gone for good.

Much of the deforestation is being caused by agriculture and expanding farmlands. As the population continues to expand rapidly, more and more land is cleared to make room for planting crops. However, if the cycle continues, catastrophe is right around the corner.

As the soil continues to be abused, it degrades further—which leads to more food shortages, disease, conflict, and even political upheaval which lends itself to widespread instability of entire regions.

Plant and animal life in Uganda may be facing an even larger crisis.

Uganda provides habitat to almost 1,600 different species of animals. However, 1.1% of these don’t exist anywhere else on the planet. And out of that number, 3.1% are threatened for extinction.

And as more trees are cut down, native populations become even more desperate for subsistence. As local farmers no longer have trees to rely on for food and resources, they turn to animals and other wildlife—killing them instead of trees. The end result is a barren land devoid of trees with little to no wildlife left.

That’s why 8 Billion Trees has made it a priority to plant in Uganda. Partnering with ForestNation, we will begin to plant trees in Uganda where they will work to restore the natural habitat and serve as “carbon sinks” to mitigate global warming.

By making a dedicated decision to replant Uganda, we can make a powerfully-positive change that will last for generations to come.