8 Billion Trees

Partnering with the Friends of Usambara Society to Plant Trees in Tanzania

8 Billion Trees is excited to support the Friends of Usambara Society and begin planting trees in the Usambara Mountain range of Tanzania where deforestation has caused severe habitat loss and the destruction of a diverse ecosystem of plant and animal life.

From just the picture above, it is clear just how severe the situation is. But with the help of our amazing 8 Billion Trees supporters we will now be able to make a powerful impact that will begin to revitalize the entire mountain.

The Friends of Usambara Society is a conservation group located in Lushoto, Tanga, Tanzania that is devoted to environmental rights and the sustainable use of Earth’s resources. By supporting their nursery with the help of our subscribers, they are able to prepare thousands of trees for their final planting destination.

Our trees will make a powerful impact, but it is just the start. As we continue to raise awareness for the environmental crisis in this area, we will be able to plant thousands more.