8 Billion Trees

🌎 Tree World Map T-Shirt


🌎 Tree World Map T-Shirt
🌎 Tree World Map T-Shirt 🌎 Tree World Map T-Shirt 🌎 Tree World Map T-Shirt 🌎 Tree World Map T-Shirt 🌎 Tree World Map T-Shirt 🌎 Tree World Map T-Shirt

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This iconic 8 Billion Trees t-shirt is worn by our team in the Amazon Rainforest and beyond to showcase all of our hard work.

With a unique map of the Earth made out of tree leaves on the back, it displays all 18 countries that we plant in around the world with a list underneath. And with the 8 Billion Trees logo on the front and the sleeves, you will join our team in spreading awareness for the growing tree crisis.

Like all shirts in our product line, this one is made with high-quality, hand-spun cotton giving it a soft feel while also providing strength and durability for even your hardest tree-planting outings.

Looking to spark conversations about tree planting? This shirt is the perfect ice-breaker and does an amazing job of drawing attention to your tree-planting pride and bold action to fight deforestation.

Just like with all products in our store, with the purchase of this t-shirt you will plant 10 new trees in devastated areas around the world.

  • Hand-spun cotton for durable but soft feel
  • Runs true to size or slightly large (order a size down for a tight fit)

8 Billion Trees Commitment to Sustainability

  • We are 100% carbon neutral. The unavoidable carbon footprint from the creation of our products is offset completely through carbon sequestration from the trees that we plant and protect. In fact, we even double it to make sure we come out positive. Saving the planet shouldn’t be hard and you can feel confident in knowing that supporting us doesn’t mean you have to contribute to man-made climate change.
  • We use 100% recycled and post-consumer materials in the creation of all of our products.
  • We use 100% recycled and post-consumer shipping materials--from our envelopes and inserts to our shipping labels.
  • For products that may rely on plastics, we divert the same amount of plastic from our oceans through the Ocean Cleanup Group organization, making sure we are solving environmental issues without creating more.