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Personalized 8 Billion Trees Certificate - Conserve and Plant Trees

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Personalized 8 Billion Trees Certificate - Conserve and Plant Trees
Personalized 8 Billion Trees Certificate - Conserve and Plant Trees Personalized 8 Billion Trees Certificate - Conserve and Plant Trees Personalized 8 Billion Trees Certificate - Conserve and Plant Trees

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The holidays are here already and that means millions of trees will be cut down and used as decorations. While many of these trees are sourced sustainably many are not and here at 8 Billion Trees we wanted to do something a bit different!

This custom and personalized certificate is all about doing something good for our planet and animals. We will save existing trees and plant new trees for each certificate to make a positive impact this holiday season.

  • Plant new trees to provide animal habitats and restore the Earth
  • Conserve and save existing trees so they can be preserved and not destroyed
  • Provide wages for those in extreme poverty so they can provide for their families
  • Reverse the negative climate impacts of deforestation taking place
  • Provide a completely unique and special gift for your family and friends that they probably never expected!

Even better, for the next 2 weeks, we are able to offer discounts for certificates that plant and save higher amounts of trees through our partners that isn't normally possible due to the heavy rains in several key planting locations. This is such a great opportunity to plant as many trees as possible!

When you get your certificate, you will have the option to purchase either a physical certificate that is mailed to you using fully recycled and biodegradable materials or a virtual certificate that is emailed to you instead.

  • Physical certificate that is mailed to you in fully recycled and biodegradable materials
  • Virtual certificate that is sent to you by email only

These trees are planted in 18 different countries around the world in deforested areas where animals such as orangutans, lemurs, and sloths are in grave danger of extinction due to rapid habitat loss.

Animals like this orangutan and her family depend on their tree homes for survival.

We only plant in areas where trees previously were so as not to upset the natural balance. And we always use the correct species and tree genetics to make sure the trees last for decades to come.

On top of planting new trees, we are able to save large amounts of trees by working alongside our partners deep in the Amazon Rainforest. It is so important to save our existing trees on top of planting more to restore what has already been destroyed.

Our goal is simple, to plant and conserve 8 billion trees by 2021 when it's predicted Earth's population will reach 8 billion.

Each certificate is personalized!

That means you will be able to give these as gifts and plant trees for your family and friends.

Just enter their name during checkout or email us at support@8billiontrees.com after your purchase and we will make the certificate completely custom.

Please help us make a positive impact over the holidays.

8 Billion Trees Commitment to Sustainability

  • We are 100% carbon neutral. The unavoidable carbon footprint from the creation of our products is offset completely through carbon sequestration from the trees that we plant and protect. In fact, we even double it to make sure we come out positive. Saving the planet shouldn’t be hard and you can feel confident in knowing that supporting us doesn’t mean you have to contribute to man-made climate change. You can find your own personal emissions with our free carbon footprint calculator.
  • We use 100% recycled and post-consumer materials in the creation of all of our products.
  • We use 100% recycled and post-consumer shipping materials--from our envelopes and inserts to our shipping labels.
  • For products that may rely on plastics, we divert the same amount of plastic from our oceans through the Ocean Cleanup Group organization, making sure we are solving environmental issues without creating more.
  • Every item on our site helps to support our wildlife sanctuary in the Amazon focused on saving, rehabilitating, and feeding wildlife.