8 Billion Trees

8 Billion Trees Monthly Subscription - Save 100 Trees & Plant 10 Every Month


8 Billion Trees Monthly Subscription - Save 100 Trees & Plant 10 Every Month
8 Billion Trees Monthly Subscription - Save 100 Trees & Plant 10 Every Month 8 Billion Trees Monthly Subscription - Save 100 Trees & Plant 10 Every Month 8 Billion Trees Monthly Subscription - Save 100 Trees & Plant 10 Every Month 8 Billion Trees Monthly Subscription - Save 100 Trees & Plant 10 Every Month 8 Billion Trees Monthly Subscription - Save 100 Trees & Plant 10 Every Month 8 Billion Trees Monthly Subscription - Save 100 Trees & Plant 10 Every Month 8 Billion Trees Monthly Subscription - Save 100 Trees & Plant 10 Every Month 8 Billion Trees Monthly Subscription - Save 100 Trees & Plant 10 Every Month

Trees May Be Our Only Hope...And I Dedicated My Life To Tell You The Reason Why

My name is Jon Chambers, the founder of 8 Billion Trees. I have literally dedicated my entire life to what I’m about to tell you in this short article.

I used every single dollar in my bank account, I moved thousands of miles, and I gave up everything.

In just a few moments you will understand exactly why I gave up everything to share this special message with you—a very private part of my life and a message I have never told anyone else until now.

But first I need to tell you the “why”…

Humans have wiped out 60% of animals since 1970 - Zoological Society of London

That’s right…humans are just 0.01% of all life but have destroyed 6 out of every 10 animals

The cause?

Trees are disappearing from the face of the Earth at an alarming rate.

And humans are going extinct with them. This is because forests are home to 80% of the world’s biodiversity.

When the forests go…

So do the animals.

And things aren’t looking good. In just the past decade, the situation has gotten even worse as United Nations scientists discover terrifying facts…

At least 50 million acres of rainforest are lost every year, totaling an area the size of England, Wales and Scotland combined

Only 10% of Original Forests Remain in Madagascar

98% of Ethiopia’s forest have been destroyed in the last 50 years

 The United States has less than 4% of its forests left

 But the real cause goes much deeper…it hurts to even think about.

The Real Cause Of The Destruction Is Shockingly Simple

People just aren't doing their part.

The average person creates 20-24 tons of harmful carbon dioxide every year and also consumes 4-8 acres of trees.

And most people would never even realize it.

Using your phone to send a text, leaving your TV plugged into an outlet when it’s not turned on, and eating a hamburger all have a very real, measurable carbon impact.

You see, most of us only think of driving our car, going on a trip, or using electricity to power things when we think about our carbon footprint.

But the reality is that virtually every single service and product we use in our modern world creates a negative carbon footprint.

Now don’t get me wrong. Some things create much more of one than others, and it’s important to understand this so we can make smarter choices like riding a bike to work or eating vegetarian and vegan meals.

But we simply cannot get away from creating a negative carbon footprint, no matter how “green” of a lifestyle we live.

And when it comes to products and the luxuries of living in the 21st century, they are used on our behalf whether we like it or not.

Insurance companies, hospitals, governments—every single  government and company on the planet uses tree resources to operate and leaves a nasty carbon footprint in its path.

Every single second, an entire football field of forest is erased. And with it, comes thousands of tons of carbon to take its place.

Every single second, an entire football field of forest is erased.

This much forest…gone every second

That means every year, the average person is responsible for the destruction of over 400 trees.

There’s one single day of the year that puts everything into perspective…

Earth Overshoot Day: Things Are Getting Really Bad

Every single year, Earth Overshoot Day marks when humans have already used up all of their resources for the year.

In other words, when this day hits, Earth doesn’t have any more resources to give us.

But we keep taking.

This year, we will consume all of Earth’s 2020 resources by July.

That’s it. All gone.

And this graph tells an even worse story. As you can see, things have gotten BAD very quickly.

In the year 1970, we had nothing to worry about.

But in the year 2020, alarms are ringing with the very real possibility that we will run out of resources in our lifetime.

Yes, our lifetime. A planet that has been completely destroyed—it’s resources sucked completely dry.

It Isn’t Your Fault, But We Will All Pay The Price

We’re only just finding this out…and it isn’t your fault.

As a human society, we just didn’t realize how much damage we were doing to our planet.

But now we know…

New scientific reports and research studies are released literally every week, making it clear that if nothing is done…

Humans will literally go extinct off the face of planet Earth.

And that doesn’t even begin to talk about the thousands of trees destroyed every second…

No trees = no climate protection = no humans. It’s that simple.

Soil would become barren, water cycles would stop, oxygen would dry up, and famine would spread in a matter of days. In just weeks, only the richest people in the world would have access to basic water and food.

Our atmospherethe thin layer of gasses protecting us from the sun and immediate destructionwould dry up.

In just months—everyone on the planet would be dead. 

We’re doing everything we can to spread the word. But being completely honest, the new evidence is SCARY. And frankly, I’m not even sure if enough people will stop to listen and look at what is happening.

But Why Trees? Why Not Solar Energy Or Wind Power Or Geothermal Electricity?

Trees are the literal guardian protectors of our planet.

One critical aspect of fighting climate change that most people don’t realize is without trees we can’t actually reverse damage. We can only slow it down.

We should absolutely use green energy and solar and many other great advancements.

But they won’t save us because they literally can’t save us.

Every single day that goes by as humans destroy more trees, the Earth becomes less and less able to handle the accelerating carbon footprint created by humans.

Trees are very literally our last hope…

But there’s something even more important than telling people about the impending destruction of our planet

One single word.


One Single Word Could Change Everything Forever


We have to take action.

Not tomorrow.

Not next week.

Not next year.

We need to act… NOW.

Experts at the Nature Climate Change society estimate that if nothing is done, by the year 2050 over half of the planet’s forests will be erased.

And we will reach the critical tipping point of no return.

That will happen in our lifetime.

Our children may never have a chance to even live as old as us.



And climate change from deforestation? Yeah…it’s bad.


It’s REALLY bad.

Each second, trees remove 200 tons of carbon dioxide from the environment

(trees are the most powerful and efficient carbon-capture system on the planet)

But as these trees are sawed down and chopped up, less and less carbon dioxide is absorbed.

No wildlife.

No humans.

No biodiversity.

Extreme heat as the Earth becomes a literal desert everywhere.

By now you probably know all of this. It isn’t a secret. And it’s only going to get worse.

Unless we do something that has NEVER been done before.

We Have A Plan To Save Our Planet Before It’s Too Late

 We’re making a change, and we’re going all out

We are literally doing something NEVER before done in history.

We are throwing everything we have at this, and we have launched a global movement to plant and protect trees all over the globe, while saving any animals we find along the way.

We are a team of scientists, environmental engineers, wildlife veterinarians and mass tree planting experts.

I told you in the beginning that I gave up my life for this.