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Baby Environment Hero: Carbon Offset


Baby Environment Hero: Carbon Offset

Have a bundle of joy of your own or know someone having a baby shower? This special carbon offset package turns every baby into an eco warrior and hero!

This carbon offset package will plant 73 trees to offset a little one's food, diapers, clothes, books, toys, stroller, and all of the other important baby essentials for a full year.

We'll bring 73 new trees into the world to honor this amazing little one and offset 13,519 pounds of carbon. That's almost 7 TONS!

We have to be honest and just say...we weren't that cool when we were born. Not even close.

By the way, did you know that you can find out precisely the amount of greenhouse gases generated by your lifestyle (including the addition of an eco baby) by using a carbon footprint calculator?

It accounts for your daily habitats, even down to the power grid you get your energy from. Using verified data sets, it provides a way for you to see your ecological footprint in real time and then buy carbon offsets (optional) to erase the impact you're making.

Best of all, this tool was developed so it's completely free to use. We believe that everyone should be able to learn more about the climate crisis and join in on the solution.