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Beef and Dairy: Carbon Offset


Beef and Dairy: Carbon Offset

For a lot of people, beef and dairy products are an essential part of their diet.

But, these commodities are some of the highest producers of carbon emissions on the planet, not to mention the deforestation that comes from clearing land needed for cattle grazing… so, consuming them means that your carbon footprint goes higher.

But now, it doesn’t have to!

You can go carbon positive and still enjoy the dairy and beef that’s part of your regular diet, while also supporting wildlife conservation and rainforest protection efforts.

Our Beef and Dairy Carbon Offset package includes the carbon produced by one pound of beef (about two steaks), one gallon of milk, and two pounds of cheese each week (about 16 slices, as well as yogurt and other dairy products). That’s over 300 pounds of carbon every month!

By planting just two trees, you can sequester those nasty carbon emissions for a full month. 

So grab your favorite beefy or cheesy treat and enjoy!