8 Billion Trees

Plant 4 Trees

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Plant 4 Trees
Plant 4 Trees Plant 4 Trees
Special Promotion for MILES Users Only

Take advantage of your MILES and make a lasting impact through planting 4 new trees to offset over 1,359 pounds of harmful carbon dioxide.

But we'll do more than just that with your $5, which will also go towards supporting our Wildlife Sanctuary in the Amazon Rainforest.

Your trees will be planted around the world in deforested areas where animals such as orangutans, lemurs, and sloths are in grave danger of extinction due to rapid habitat loss.

Some directly by our full-time planting team and others through our network of non-profits.

We only plant in areas where trees previously were using native species so as not to upset the natural balance.

Our ultimate goal?

Simple! To plant 8 billion trees. That's 1 tree for every person on planet Earth.

P.S. click here to learn more about our mission and how you can completely offset your carbon footprint.