8 Billion Trees

Not Flat We Checked Shirt


Not Flat We Checked Shirt

Is the Earth flat? Don’t worry, we've checked and it's definitely not flat! Now you can express this statement to others with our limited edition Not Flat We Checked shirt. 

These fact-checking tees not only challenge the flat earth theory, they add a touch of humor to your wardrobe. 

Who says you can’t be stylish and scientifically savvy at the same time? And because these are available from the 8 Billion Trees Earth Day shirts collection, each Not Flat We Checked shirt sold Plants 3 Trees.

You’ll be contributing to global reforestation efforts, saving animal homes and combating climate change. Showing that fashion is about more than just style, it can be fun and make a positive impact too!

Please note: limited edition series; only 100 available.

Our Commitment:

At 8 Billion Trees we’re always mindful of the carbon footprint created by even the most eco-friendly products. 

That's why the carbon footprint created from any of the products we carry is entirely offset through tree planting for carbon sequestration. Following our commitment of going above and beyond in everything we do, we’ve made a pledge to double our efforts, ensuring we not only maintain 100% carbon neutrality, but we leave a net positive impact every step of the way. 

Get your own limited edition Not Flat We Checked shirt now and make a statement that’s fun, fashionable, and forest-friendly!