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Earth-Friendly Web Usage: Carbon Offset


Earth-Friendly Web Usage: Carbon Offset

Are you a lover of technology but infatuated with the environment?

This special carbon offset package let's you browse the web, use apps on your phone, stream music and movies, get real-time directions, and take advantage all of the awesome luxuries we're now able to enjoy because of the internet...while staying an eco hero!

On average, every person in North America and other developed areas of the world spends roughly 3 hours on their phone every day.

And this carbon offset aims to make that time a little (well...a lot) more enjoyable by erasing the carbon footprint it creates!

Using your phone for 3 hours a day emits 2.6 TONS of nasty carbon every single year.

But not to worry! We'll plant 28 trees in your honor to completely erase this negative impact on the environment so you can surf the web in peace.

Googling, browsing Facebook, swiping on Instagram, and using maps to find your way to a new park (to plant trees we hope!) has never been so eco friendly.

And that's just the way we--and our planet--like it.