8 Billion Trees

Hipster Lifestyle: Carbon Offset


Hipster Lifestyle: Carbon Offset

Offset your hipster lifestyle with this specially designed package, tailor-made for the craft beer and cappuccino connoisseur.

It even covers your avocados, paperback books and vinyl purchases for a full year, so you don’t have to limit your collections (or your taste buds) to save the planet. By planting 7 trees, you’ll offset .65 US TONS of carbon.  

Designed to offset eight bottles of beer a week, along with two cappuccinos and two avocados a day, this excellent package also covers 100 paperback books and 100 vinyls or CDs, effectively erasing 1,296.4 pounds of carbon!

 So, instead of simply neutralizing your hip-tastic existence, you’re going above and beyond in your efforts to preserve our planet’s health!