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Jaguar Brew (Light Roast)


Jaguar Brew (Light Roast)
Jaguar Brew (Light Roast) Jaguar Brew (Light Roast) Jaguar Brew (Light Roast) Jaguar Brew (Light Roast)

Start your day with a cup of our Jaguar Brew – a light roast sourced from South and Central America.

Within every cup you'll taste dried fruit and citrus flavors, with hints of milk chocolate and almonds.

However you like your coffee – pour over, espresso, or even a cold brew – this light roast is perfect for any brewing method.

All of our eco-coffees are Fair Trade certified, and sourced through B corp suppliers, promising ethically high standards from farm to kitchen.

The Fair Trade certification ensures that this product not only benefits the environment, but the farmers making it as well.

All of our eco brews are certified as “Specialty-Grade Craft Coffee”, so you know your coffee is carefully made for the best quality, consistency, and freshness.

Every purchase of one of our eco-brews supports the preservation of animal homes, ethical farming practices, and fights against climate change.

Key Features:

  • Size: 12oz (340g)

  •  Light roast

  • Tasting notes of dried fruit, citrus, light body

  • Hints of milk chocolate, dried fruits, and almonds

  • Growing region: Central America

  • Whole bean or ground options available

  • Small batch roasted by experts in the USA for Superior quality and freshness

  • This product only ships to the US and their territories, as well as canada

  • Certified and graded as “Fair Trade” and  ”Specialty-Grade Craft Coffee”