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Orangutan Brew (Light-Medium Roast)


Orangutan Brew (Light-Medium Roast)
Orangutan Brew (Light-Medium Roast) Orangutan Brew (Light-Medium Roast) Orangutan Brew (Light-Medium Roast) Orangutan Brew (Light-Medium Roast)

Introducing our Orangutan Brew - a light-medium roast that is sure to bring a whole new experience to your morning coffee!

Each purchase of our eco-friendly brews supports the preservation of animal homes, ethical farming practices, and fights against climate change.

This brew offers a mellow yet savory profile, with a hint of sweetness and crisp acidity. 

With every sip of our Orangutan Brew you'll taste cooked honeydew and cocoa, sourced  straight from South America.

Whichever way you prefer to make your coffee, this blend will surely become a favorite!

All of our coffees are Fair Trade certified, and sourced through B corp suppliers, promising ethically high standards from farm to kitchen.

The Fair Trade certification ensures that this product not only benefits the environment, but the farmers making it as well.

We offer whole or ground bean options for all our eco-brews, so that you can enjoy our coffee exactly how you like it.

Have your morning, mid day, or afternoon pick-me-up knowing that you're supporting the environment, planting trees, and making the world a better place.

Key Features: 

  • Size: 12oz.

  • Light-Medium Roast

  • Mellow, savory, crisp acidity, and subtle sweetness

  • Citrus and melon notes

  • Growing Region: South America

  • Whole bean or ground available 

  • Small batch roasted by experts in the USA for Superior quality and freshness

  • This product only ships to the US and their territories, as well as canada

  • Certified and graded as “Fair Trade” and  ”Specialty-Grade Craft Coffee”