8 Billion Trees

Plant 10 Trees


Plant 10 Trees

We don't mail you anything here.

This is just about the trees. $20 and we can plant 10 new trees.

We only plant in areas where trees previously were so as not to upset the natural balance.

Trees are important weapons in the fight against two of today's most pressing issues: saving animal wildlife and reversing climate change.

Because they absorb and store carbon, trees are one of the best carbon offsetting strategies. In a nutshell, carbon offsets ensure either carbon emissions reductions or the removal of carbon from the atmosphere. Planting trees delivers a great way to do both!

When we reverse deforestation, we ensure the carbon these trees store remains in the forest and is not released into the atmosphere.

When we plant new trees, we are removing significant quantities of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as these plants grow. We only use native tree seeds collected directly from deep in remote parts of the forest.

These trees are planted around the world in deforested areas where animals are in danger of extinction due to rapid habitat loss.

Did you know that everyone as a unique emissions footprint?

This is because we all live in different areas with different power grids, have differing diets, utilize transportation differently, among countless other differences in our day-to-day lives.

The solution? Use a carbon footprint calculator to find your ecological footprint. This will help you learn more about where you're leaving the biggest impact, so that you can take the most important steps first when changing your lifestyle habits to lower your emissions.

Even better, it allows you to buy carbon offsets directly that perfectly match the greenhouse gases you are generating. It isn't hard to do good for the planet; it just takes the desire and commitment towards doing your part. 

At 8 Billion Trees our goal is simple: to plant eight billion trees.