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Respect Your Mother Eco Bumper Sticker

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Respect Your Mother Eco Bumper Sticker

It's time to treat our planet with respect and reverse the deforestation crisis by planting trees to heal the planet and save animals.

This is a special eco bumper sticker we are giving away free for anyone who helps to spread awareness on the deforestation crisis.

Why are we doing this?

These eco stickers are made by hand with premium recycled art paper. They were provided in limited supply by an amazing wholesale manufacturer but the rule is we have to give them away free to spread awareness on the climate and deforestation crisis and plant trees.

Please note we are limiting only 1 per person so that more people will be able to get one.

For every eco bumper sticker we give away, we also get funding to plant 2 new trees where they are desperately needed most.

Every day thousands of acres are destroyed in the Amazon. Our team is planting thousands of trees every month, protecting the forests we already have, and saving animals at a wildlife sanctuary to help reverse the damage being done on a massive scale. 

Our team plants trees in these destroyed areas while protecting existing forests. We also save animals at the wildlife sanctuary.

Once you get your free eco bumper sticker it will allow us to plant trees and save even more animal homes and wildlife.

Sadly, humans have erased 60% of animal life since 1970. Put another way, humans make up just 0.01% of all life on Earth but have eliminated 6 out of every 10 animals.


The destruction of trees. Forests are home to 80% of the world's biodiversity.

80% of every living animal, plant, and organism directly depends on trees. When the trees are cut down and disappear, so does everything else.

Please get your free eco bumper sticker and show it off proudly to make a true difference and help save animals.