8 Billion Trees

The Most Precious Ecosystem We Defend (And Why)

I hope your weekend is going well and you're taking some time to enjoy and appreciate this amazing planet we get to call home. It's Jon with another eco update just for you.

This time, it's about the Cantão which is arguably the most precious ecosystem we are fighting to not just defend, but heal and restore.

This quick video shows some of the recent devastation we discovered while on a reconnaissance mission deep into the territory.

A Fascinating Feat of Nature

This unique ecosystem and its importance to the entire Amazon is simply fascinating.

Formed by an inland delta, it comprises over 880 lakes and contains the biggest river island in the world.

This magnificent creation of nature forms because of an intense ecotone (an ecotone is a transition between two different biological regions).

While most transitions between distinct environments are gradual, the Cantão is different. This abrupt meeting of the Amazon Rainforest, intermediary wetlands, and great subtropical plains creates a habitat that is endemic to many amazing species that otherwise would never be able to survive together.

Almost akin to a natural paradise, animals like Brazilian deer and anteaters roam near giant otters and pink dolphins as jaguars and tapirs traverse the vast wilderness.

In fact, during my first trip into the region I was lucky enough to see a pink dolphin first hand...a truly incredible sight.

Massive Tree Operation Underway

It's no secret that our specialty is trees. And in just a few weeks we will launch our program to plant thousands of trees throughout the most devastated areas of the region.

In the meantime our team will be gathering more native seeds from the forest, preparing them in our network of nurseries, and protecting the areas from further destruction through fire-fighting efforts.

The results of our mission have grown with each tree planted, and we're on track to make an even bigger impact than we ever thought possible in such a short period of time...all thanks to YOU and your amazing support.

Want to support our mission to heal this area and defend the animals and wildlife?

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Sep 07, 2021 • Posted by Lisa Meyer

Thank you so much eight billion trees 🌲

Sep 07, 2021 • Posted by Lisa meyer

Stop the devastian , and burning 🥵. I want to help the animals and flora!

Sep 07, 2021 • Posted by Barbara de Souza

This is such an inspiring project.. breaking it down to o e tree at a time makes it possible, believable, achievable Creating miracles with nature and blood, sweat and tears .. we can all dig deep and plant a tree or make sure a tree is planted from our effort. Thank you all and One. 8 Billion trees 🌳 🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌎💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

Sep 07, 2021 • Posted by Cordelia Kates.

I give each month!

Sep 07, 2021 • Posted by Keith Kiernan

I love that you are making a cause to plant trees they are such a vital part of our ecosystem and we need this type of work and awareness especially now! I am happy to do my part in donations but really I’d like to be one in the forefront planting trees with you and being a voice for it along everyone else that need to voice this mission and importance and why we are facing these problems on a global scale we are running out of time but making this cause is a step forward.

Sep 07, 2021 • Posted by Ramona Nelson

Thank you all, you’re doing a tremendous job!

Sep 07, 2021 • Posted by Grace Moloney

Keep it up it is so important that our world doesn’t get any worse thanks for everything your doing

Sep 05, 2021 • Posted by Karol

Just got the new bathroom bundle and I love it and even better it helps to plant trees for this amazing cause! Please everyone support this if you can and also gets some holiday shopping done a win win

Sep 05, 2021 • Posted by Susan

I love what you are doing with this mission and so glad to help support it for the planet and animals!

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